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Running and operating a business can come with a few challenges. The financial aspect of planning can be easier then you may think when you trust in true professionals. Employee benefits are an important part of the growth of your business. Benefits such as health insurance, pension plans, group life and disability income plans make up the compensation package that helps ensure continued employee satisfaction and well-being within your company. Designing an employee benefit approach can be a complicated, technical and time-consuming matter. Working with a specialist who offers access to comprehensive employee benefit services through local and independently owned companies, provides a number of advantages, including experienced professionals with access to top providers and a wealth of benefit choices tailored to meet your business' ever changing needs.

 The Elite Wealth Management Group specializes in the following

*Group Life Insurance

*Group Disability Coverage

*Group Health Insurance

*Cross Purchase Arrangements

*Key Man Insurance 

We specialize in creating retirement accounts for businesses:




*SOLO 401k's

*Executive Bonus Plans

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